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Sound of Tomorrow in Japan
30th November 2018

Delighted to catch first sight of my Sound of Tomorrow in Japan, thanks to Artes Publishing.

John Cowper Powys
28th November 2018

Here’s a short piece about the 2010 Ghostwriter track inspired by John Cowper Powys, on a site associated with Tim Blanchard’s new book Powysland.

Palace of Light reissue released
21st July 2017

The expanded 30th anniversary reissue of the Palace of Light album, Beginning Here and Travelling Outward – including nearly an hour’s worth of previously unreleased live and studio material and liner notes by Stewart Lee – is now available. 

Palace of Light reissue available for pre-order
3rd July 2017

The 30th anniversary expanded reissue of the Palace of Light album, Beginning Here and Travelling Outward – featuring the original album and nearly an hour’s worth of previously unreleased material, with liner notes by Stewart Lee – is now available for pre-order. Should be ready at the end of July 2017. In the meantime, have a listen to these fours songs – two from the album, two previously unheard.

Palace of Light video
27th April 2017

In advance of the forthcoming 30th anniversary reissue of the Palace of Light’s sole album, here’s a previously unseen video of an unreleased song from 1989. More soon.

8th November 2016

Pleased to announce I am now an Associate Editor at the crowdfunding publisher Unbound. My job is to find books about music. If you’ve got any ideas please get in touch.

Darren Hayman – Thankful Villages Volume 1
17th June 2016

Co-wrote and co-performed Langton Herring, a track on Darren Hayman’s excellent new album Thankful Villages Volume 1Thankful Villages Volume 1 (there’ll be two more volumes in due course).

Electrosound: machines, musiques and cultures
3rd May 2016

I’ve got a chapter about the early days of Moog in Electrosound: machines, musiques and cultures, published in May to coincide with an exhibition in Paris about the history of electronic music. To my knowledge the first time I’ve been translated into French.

Strange Sounds Orchestra
11th January 2016

Very pleased that theatre writer, director, performer and sound designer Chris Goode has chosen ‘Strange Sense Of Liberty’ by the Strange Sounds Orchestra as the theme to his regular podcasts.  The Strange Sounds Orchestra was a collaboration with Tim Conway, conceived in 2005 to record a one-off EP to accompany my book, Strange Sounds. Released at the time by Static Caravan as a vinyl 7-inch, long-since sold out, it is now available as a download.

First digital release for Morrow
2nd September 2015

Ghostwriter/Michael Paine’s 2014 album Morrow gets its first digital release here.