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Morrow special edition
26th November 2014

Morrow specialThe forthcoming Ghostwriter/Michael Paine album Morrow, due in December 2014 on Time Released Sound, will come in both standard and special editions.

The special edition of just 80 copies will come as a hand distressed hardcover booklet, collaged with vintage photos, 1930s wallpaper samples, a mounted, hand stamped jigsaw puzzle, and a typewriter addressed, stamped  CD envelope – all in a handworked, 7” square translucent envelope. Available for pre-order very soon indeed.

Strange Sounds Orchestra digital reissue
12th November 2014

The Strange Sounds Orchestra’s sole release – a 2005 EP – gets a digital reissue with a previously unreleased bonus track. Formed  to record a soundtrack for my 2005 book, Strange Sounds: Offbeat Instruments and Sonic Experiments in Pop, the SSO composed and performed entirely with dulcimers, test oscillators, theremins, stylophones, omnichords, a child’s xylophone, a metal ruler … and that sort of thing. More here. 



Morrow by Ghostwriter and Michael Paine
11th November 2014

10686816_819807591375243_3234531534227955581_nMorrow, a new album by Ghostwriter and Michael Paine, will be released by Time Released Sound in December 2014. More details soon, in the meantime hear two tracks from the album here. 

New album soon
29th April 2014

skeleton shedThe new Ghostwriter album, provisionally titled Morrow, is nearing completion. More soon.

Barry Gray
26th April 2014
BarryGraypromoshotComposer and electronic music pioneer Barry Gray died 30 years ago today, and to mark the anniversary Len Davies and Ralph Titterton have released a short film compiled from Gray’s home movies. It features Gray at the controls of two of his early electronic instruments, an Ondes Martenot and a Miller Spinetta. Both feature in my books Strange Sounds and The Sound of Tomorrow – indeed Gray’s own Martenot was photographed for Strange Sounds. The Miller Spinetta – the twin keyboard instrument in the film – was made in very limited numbers and none are thought to survive. I’ve got a Miller demonstration recording that I’ll post here some time.


Mabel Joy – Wish I Was
28th November 2013

Mabel-Joy-Wish-I-Was1-150x150The sole Mabel Joy album, Wish I Was, has been reissued. Featuring me along with Tom Anthony, Matt Gale and Geoff Smith, it was originally released in 1993. Here it is. 

Electronic Music and Musique Concrète
13th November 2013

JuddbookFred Judd’s pioneering 1961 book Electronic Music and Musique Concrète is republished by Foruli very soon indeed. Order it here. 

James Gardner
16th October 2013

For a well-informed and engaging six hour journey through the history of electronic music, try British-born but now New Zealand-based musician and broadcaster James Gardner’s series These Hopeful Machines, first aired earlier this year. Recommended.


Geoffrey Household
23rd September 2013

Another entry in the occasional Minute Book series ofDownloadedFile mid-20th century English writers …

October 4th marks the 25th anniversary of the passing of Geoffrey Household. Best known for the classic chase thriller Rogue Male, Household wrote dozens of other books over a fifty year period. Particularly good is an early 1980s effort, The Sending, which adds a supernatural undertow to the familiar pursuit plot device. Orion are reissuing much of Household’s catalogue, but it seems that so far this one is Kindle only.


John Cowper Powys
17th June 2013

DownloadedFileThe author John Cowper Powys died 50 years ago today, just under 10 years after his younger brother TF Powys. Both are Minute Book favourites, with TFP’s “Mr Weston’s Good Wine” and JCP’s “Glastonbury Romance” particularly recommended. JCP is eulogized on the Ghostwriter album, The Continuing Adventures Of The Strange Sound Association. In the 1970s a publisher called Village Press reissued lots of Powys titles. It couldn’t have been much of a success as Village Press didn’t last long, and in the 80s the second hand bookshops along Charing Cross Road were awash with their brightly coloured paperbacks, usually at 50p a go.