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Geoffrey Household
23rd September 2013

Another entry in the occasional Minute Book series ofDownloadedFile mid-20th century English writers …

October 4th marks the 25th anniversary of the passing of Geoffrey Household. Best known for the classic chase thriller Rogue Male, Household wrote dozens of other books over a fifty year period. Particularly good is an early 1980s effort, The Sending, which adds a supernatural undertow to the familiar pursuit plot device. Orion are reissuing much of Household’s catalogue, but it seems that so far this one is Kindle only.


John Cowper Powys
17th June 2013

DownloadedFileThe author John Cowper Powys died 50 years ago today, just under 10 years after his younger brother TF Powys. Both are Minute Book favourites, with TFP’s “Mr Weston’s Good Wine” and JCP’s “Glastonbury Romance” particularly recommended. JCP is eulogized on the Ghostwriter album, The Continuing Adventures Of The Strange Sound Association. In the 1970s a publisher called Village Press reissued lots of Powys titles. It couldn’t have been much of a success as Village Press didn’t last long, and in the 80s the second hand bookshops along Charing Cross Road were awash with their brightly coloured paperbacks, usually at 50p a go.

Continuing adventures
13th June 2013

Ghostwriter’s debutartworks-000039132303-bpn9ac-t200x200, the 2010 album The Continuing Adventures Of The Strange Sound Association, is now available for the first time as a download.  And, there are a couple of previously unreleased tracks from the sessions available for free over at Soundcloud.

The past
17th May 2013

filing-cabinetI’ve been working my way through the Minute Book archives. Take a look at the new words and music pages. I’ll be adding more over the coming months.


I Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier
25th March 2013

Ghostwriter has collaborated with singer-songwriter Michael Weston King on a new song, a re-imagining of Alfred Bryan’s anti-war lyric, I Didn’t Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier. You can hear it on The Golden Demon, a compilation of country-ish protest songs released on April 30 by Swedish label Hemifrån. 

In other news, yesterday Mark was interviewed on Chloe Frieda’s NTS radio show, Alien Jams, talking about The Sound of Tomorrow, Ghostwriter and early electronic music. And there’s a nice review of the Dimensions EP at DOA. 

Dimensions by Ghostwriter
4th March 2013

Ghostwriter’s Dimensions EP on Chaffinch Records is released March 4. You can find it at Chaffinch, Avalanche in Edinburgh, Love Music in Glasgow, Monorail in Glasgow and Norman Records in Leeds. Available on 7″ vinyl and limited to 200 copies, you also get a digital download which features an exclusive track. Collaborators include Jim Jupp (Ghost Box) and Suzy Mangion.

Those nice people at Norman Records have made Dimensions their single of the week, and there’s a review at Record Collector too, with Spencer Grady writing:

‘These quasi-supernatural concerns, dedicated in part to Christian mystic author Charles Williams, operate along similar lines to Susan Hiller’s art installations, raising questions located at the peripheries of the temporal and otherworldly.’

Shapwick by Jon Brooks
8th February 2013
Here’s a beautiful new limited edition vinyl issue of Shapwick, admirable West Country audio psycho-geography by Jon Brooks (aka The Advisory Circle on Ghost Box). Released on Clay Pipe on February 25.
Ventriloquism – a January song
2nd January 2013

Happy 2013. Here’s a Ghostwriter collaboration with Darren Hayman, part of Darren’s January Songs project. This involved Darren writing, recording and releasing a song a day throughout January 2011. Video by Daryl Waller.

Robin the Fog
3rd December 2012

Nice mention of Sound of Tomorrow on Robin The Fog’s blog. Robin is responsible for the excellent The Ghosts of Bush – a musique concrete hymn to the former home of the BBC World Service.

largehearted boy
29th November 2012

I’ve written a playlist to accompany The Sound of Tomorrow for the Book Notes series on the US-based music and book blog largehearted boy.

Here it is.