Words and music by Mark Brend.
The Sound of Tomorrow
Bloomsbury, October 2012
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“…an enthralling and informative read from first page to last…” Shindig!

“Mark Brend relates the story of how electronic music has infiltrated the mainstream from the turn of the 20th Century, shaping a narrative that rescues its experimentation from highbrow academia, while making the technical accessible to the likes of us whose phones are cleverer than we are. A touching epilogue reveals how many of these characters have passed on with little mainstream recognition, but Brend’s book ensures that their tales are told.” Record Collector

“Brend thoroughly yet accessibly documents how the [electronic] music sneaked into everyday life as far back as the early 1900s.” Mojo

“Providing a unique perspective, this volume serves as an excellent complement to existing histories of electronic music.” Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

“A terrific, utterly engaging read.” Gary Sullivan, WFMU